What fees are there in Breez?

Sending Lightning Payments

Routing fees depend on the available path. The Breez node charges a base fee of 1 sat in many cases, but fees for some channels are higher depending on the distribution of liquidity throughout the network. Users can limit fees either as a flat maximum or as a percentage of the transaction amount by clicking Preferences > Lightning Fees and entering the values desired.

Please note, however, that limiting fees may cause payments to fail.

Receiving Lightning payments

Receiving a Lightning payment in Breez incurs no fees for the receiver, unless a new channel is required.

Channel creation

When a new channel is required to accommodate an incoming payment, Breez charges 0.4% of the amount received, with a dynamic minimum fee (based on the current mempool fees). For more information, see the Channel creation on the fly section of this blog post.

The Breez SDK fees are different. Please use the LSP information API to retrieve the fees structure for your specific LSP.

Currently, Breez adds 50k sats of inbound liquidity to the amount received in an incoming payment. For example, if you receive 50k sats, and a new channel is required, Breez will create a new channel on the fly with a capacity of 100k sats.

Please note that the app displays a notification when a new channel is required and a setup fee will be incurred. For Lightning transactions, the notification will appear in the Receive via Invoice screen and again under the invoice QR code. For on-chain transactions, it will apppear under the address QR code in the Receive via BTC Address screen.

There are no additional fees to continue using the channels created.

Receiving from a BTC Address

Receiving from BTC address involves a trustless submarine swap. Check the limits below the QR code before sending funds.

No additional fees are incurred unless a new channel is required.

Send to a BTC Address

Sending to a BTC address involves a trustless reverse swap. Reverse swaps require a minimum transaction amount of 50k sats. Please note that in a high fees environment, the minimum amount may be higher.

Further, Boltz, the reverse swap provider, charges a fixed service fee of 0.5% plus an additional mining fee, which is based on the current bitcoin mempool usage.

Streaming sats to podcasts

Breez charges no more than 5% of the sats listeners stream to creators.