Bitcoin Node Synchronization

By default, Breez uses the following node to connect to the Bitcoin network:

However, any Bitcoin node that supports block filters (BIP 157) can be used. This site lists alternative nodes.

My sync is stuck at 0%, what can I do?

If your node isn't syncing to the network, try the following steps:

  • Reset the Bitcoin node by clicking Preferences > Network > Reset.
  • Disconnect any VPN or other intermediary software that might be interfering with network traffic.
  • Try recovering the chain information. Click on three dots at the top right of the Preferences > Developers menu, then on Recover Chain Information. Then re-open Breez, keep it in the foreground till the sync is finished (might take a long time).
  • Try syncing with a different node listed here and entering it in the Preferences > Network screen. Choose a regular IP address, not a Tor (.onion) address.