Troubleshooting Payment Failures

Breez is a non-custodial service that uses lnd and Neutrino under the hood. Routing is done on the client side using the graph information provided by lnd.

No route found/Unable to find path/Timeout

If you are trying to pay an invoice, but you see an error like no route found, unable to find path or timeout errors, please try the following:

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the app.

  • Try a smaller amount to leave enough sats for routing fees (e.g. 1-2%).

  • Retry paying the invoice. lnd has a function called mission control in its routing algorithm. Mission control improves routing based on previous attempts, so simply retrying a payment might do the trick.

  • Make sure there is no limit set in Preferences > Lightning Fees.

  • Reset the Bitcoin Node by clicking the Reset button on the Preferences > Network screen.

  • Try refreshing the graph information. Click on three dots at the top right of the Preferences > Developers menu, then on Update Graph. Then re-open Breez, keep it in the foreground for a few minutes, and retry the payment.

  • Restart the Breez app and wait 30 seconds. Then, click on the getinfo command in the Preferences > Developers > General menu to check whether all the channels are active, which is the case when there's a "0" in the "numOfInactiveChannels" line.

  • Check that Breez has the latest graph information. You can verify this by clicking on the getinfo command in the Preferences > Developers > General menu. If the synced_to_graph line of the output indicates true, then your node is synced with the graph. In case the value is false, keep the app running in foreground for a couple of minutes until it syncs.

  • Try resetting mission control by running the resetmc command from the Preferences > Developers > Payments menu and retry the payment.

  • Advanced users can also debug the routing path by running the Developers > Payments > queryroutes command.